Collection: Specialty Yemeni green coffee for roastery.

Welcome to MochaHunters, where we proudly present our speciality Yemeni green coffee collection, exclusively curated for discerning coffee roasteries. Embark on a journey of extraordinary flavours as you explore the rich heritage and centuries of expertise behind Yemeni coffee.

At MochaHunters, we meticulously source the finest green coffee beans from the high-altitude regions of Yemen, ensuring an exceptional roasting experience for our valued partners. Our carefully selected Yemeni beans encompass a captivating range of flavours, from delicate spice notes to hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit, providing a unique and enticing profile for roasters to discover.

By choosing MochaHunters, you gain access to exceptional quality and contribute to the sustainability of Yemen's farming communities. We prioritise fair trade practices and establish direct relationships with local farmers, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their unwavering dedication and craftsmanship.