Qahwah / Bean / 8oz

Qahwah / Bean / 8oz


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Tasting Notes by Variety
Mocha-Dawari: Wine with a hint of blackberry.
Udaini: Florals and green apple.

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About this coffee

Originating from Mocha, Yemen, the Mocha coffee bean is harvested from the native coffee plant, Coffea Arabica.

The plants are grown in the high mountains of Yemen, along traces, where farmers hand care for and pick the coffee cherries at peak ripeness.

Generations of farmers have grown and cultivated the plants, passing their centuries-old knowledge down to their children and grandchildren to ensure the continued, unmatched, quality of the Mocha coffee bean.

Crop to cup

The unique aroma and flavor of the Mocha coffee bean is a luxury unlike any other.

Each order includes a card with information about the individual farmer who cultivated your specific bag of coffee. Taste the wonderfully wide variety from farmer to farmer, region to region and learn more »