qahwah / bean

Qahwah is the Yemeni word for coffee, a beverage that originated in Yemen and has been enjoyed since the middle of the 15th century. It made its first appearance in the Sufi shrines of Yemen where the beans were roasted and brewed in a fashion similar to modern preparation.

Step 01: Add Coffee to Filter

Step 01
Add ground coffee to the rinsed filter and gently shake to settle the coffee bed.

Step 02: Pour Water

Step 02
Pour and fully cover the bed with 100g of water. Start your timer.


Step 03
Stir the bed so that all the grounds are evenly wet. After stirring, let the coffee sit until the timer reads 45 seconds.

Step 04: Pour Remaining Water

Step 04
For the next minute, pour in 350g of water in a circular motion, starting in the center and moving outwards. Once you reach the edge, circle back towards the center. Pour at an even rate.

Step 05: Let Water Level Fall

Step 05
Let the water level fall, but before the coffee bed is exposed, add the remaining 350g of water, pouring in the same circular motion for one minute.

Step 06: Enjoy

Step 06
When the brew is complete (about another minute), discard the grounds and swirl the coffee. Pour and enjoy.